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13 tips for seeing Rio de Janeiro on a budget

Traveling to Brazil is not the same as visiting Asian countries like India or Thailand. It's just not as cheap. So be prepared: Rio is not one of those places where you stay forever without spending a dime. Visiting Rio de Janeiro on a budget​ is not easy, but if you know a few local tricks (jeitinhos), you can definitely get by on less than you might think. So let’s focus on ways to see this city on a shoestring. ... read more about 13 tips for seeing Rio de Janeiro on a budget

25 years of biking in London

Anyone who’s tried it knows that the humble bicycle is the best way to explore a new city. Covering more ground than walking, discovering nooks and crannies no car or tourbus can reach and far more scenic than the airless underground, cycling wins every time as a tourist mode of transport. But, believe it or not, 25 years ago when Robert Graham founded The London Bicycle Tour Company, cycling in London was not an option. ... read more about 25 years of biking in London



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