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Slow biking from Brazil to the US

2/10/2014. It was a remarkable encounter on the busy avenues of Rio de Janeiro last week.  Suddenly a group of 4 cyclists appeared in front of Rio de Janeiro’s oldest shopping mall, Rio Sul. They were heavily packed, two adults and two kids, apparently doing some serious cycling.

Rio by Bike stopped to talk to them and the cyclists turned out to be João Fonseca, all the way from Portugal, with his Swiss wife, Valérie Fonseca and their 9 and 10 year old sons. Even more amazing: they were on their way by bicycle to the United States. First they would cycle through Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Central America.

The Fonseca family just had arrived in Rio de Janeiro, slept a night in Galeão airport and cycled along the Avenida Brasil, famous for its traffic jams and car accidents, to the South Zone of Rio. ,,It was a bit hairy”, confirmed João, happy to encounter real bike lanes in the South Zone of the city.

They were on their way to Copacabana to meet a friend who had made the same journey by bike to the United States years ago. The idea was as well to bike to the water falls of Foz Iguacu.

,,Before we had the boys, the two of us made a cycle trip of 4 years through Asia (passing through countries like Vietnam, India and Sri Lanka). Now it was time to make a similar journey with the boys”, explained João. They published a book about their adventures: Pedalar Devagar (Slow Pedaling). Cycling is just the best way to get to know new places, is their experience and who wouldn’t agree with them!

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Life in Rio

How to handle safety in Rio – it’ll be just fine!

If you are about to visit Rio de Janeiro, you’ve probably heard and read something about the city’s safety – or the lack thereof. Before getting into details, let me start with this, there are two important truths about safety in Rio. First: it’s way safer than everybody says and the image conveyed by negative stories in the media suggests.

What to do in Rio de Janeiro when it rains

Try to imagine Rio de Janeiro without sun. It’s difficult. How about Rio in the rain? That is even more unimaginable. However, when visiting Rio de Janeiro, it is actually very well possible you’ll hit a rainy day. True, it’s not a great combination, Rio and rain, so here we give you some insight on what to do in Rio de Janeiro when it rains.

Parties at the beach in Rio de Janeiro - Ipanema beach

Summer has arrived in Rio de Janeiro and this month special programs are offered for visitors of Brazil´s most beautiful city. Ipanema beach, a popular stop during our bike tours in Rio, is famous for its Summer Rio project, which starts this weekend.

Biking in Rio better every day

Rio de Janeiro is rapidly becoming Latin America´s most cycle friendly city. With 405 kilometer of bike lanes, it has more cycle paths than any other city in Latin America. And it doesn´t stop there. Next year, when the Olympic and Paralympic Games will be held, the aim is to have  450 kilometer of cycle lanes throughout Rio de Janeiro.

New bike tour to Historical center Rio

Cycling in Rio de Janeiro is becoming easier and more appealing every day. Nowadays it is possible to bike from Copacabana all the way to the historical center of the city.