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Eco-Favela Tour

  • Rio by Bike Favela Tour Chapeu Mangueira

    3 hours / R$ 100

  • Rio by Bike Favela Tour View

    3 hours / R$ 100

  • Rio by Bike Favela Tour Babilonia

    3 hours / R$ 100

With the Eco-Favela Tour in Rio de Janeiro we visit a ecological reserve on the hills next to the neighborhood of Leme and we walk through the nearby slums – favelas – of Babilônia and Chapeu Mangueira.

First, the tour will take you through the small pacified communities of Babilônia and Chapeau Mangueira, blanketing the nearby hillsides, with their typical narrow alleys and energetic street life. Shanty towns are an inseparable part of Rio’s landscape and these days it is safe to visit the neighborhoods of Babilônia and Chapeu Mangueira. Favela Chapeu Mangueira is the birthplace of Benedita da Silva (1942), the first black senator, elected in 1994, in Brazilian history.

From Babilônia we will continue to the ecological reserve with Atlantic rainforest on the same hillside as the favela. This is a shady place, where rare butterflies and monkeys can be spotted, leading up to the top of a hill with amazing views (of Sugar Loaf Mountain and other vistas).

Price: R$ 100 (reservation through booking form required)

Meeting point: Restaurant La Fiorentina, Avenida Atlântica 458, Leme